So, why are we here? Because we’re here.

When I was growing up, I always thought I’d have an average adult life. Job, kids, dreamy h…..

OR MAYBE that’s what remember from ‘The Wonder Years’. Heh.

Not real life.

I don’t think I had any substantive reason to believe in that kind of Cleaver type of life.

Growing up in early 80’s suburbia fed in to my fantasies of  what life would be like. Noone told me that I wouldn’t be a teacher if I didn’t go to college. Nobody mentioned that if I wasn’t patient and waited for life to take it’s course and mature me before I made any decisions like marriage or job path that I might later regret it.

So I think that’s what this blog will be about. Life, the choices I’ve made, the hands that were dealt to me (by fate or the Universe or God–or maybe Karma); and how that all has effected my life today and how I see things from where I sit. Maybe you’ll see a little of yourself in me, or maybe you’ll just think I’m nuts. Maybe both.